The foundation of Sanskriti Group was laid by Vijay Singh and Ajay Singh in 2000.

They laid the foundation of Sanskriti Group with the thought that the problems our family faced while buying property . should be faced by others.

Both brothers have worked very hard and managed the journey of all their customers till 2024. There were many obstacles in the journey from 2001 to 2024 but both the brothers did not give up and today with your support they have created a family of about 1500 happy customers of Sanskriti Group.

Sanskriti Group project is going on in two cities Greater Noida West and Vrindavan Mathura. Sanskriti Group has developed Residential plot, villa shopping complex in Greater Noida. In Vrindavan, the project of Residential plots and flat, villas of Sanskriti Group is going on near Rukmini Vihar.

Vijay Singh says that customers are God for us and it is our primary responsibility to safeguard the investment made by them.

We believe that no one is 100% complete, we too may have some shortcomings in our project, but by learning from those shortcomings, we make sure that such shortcomings do not happen in the future. We request that the way your trust has been on Sanskriti Group till date, it will remain the same in future also.

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